О компании

About the company

ND-Technic LLC is a leader in the Russian modified starch products industry

    We were the first in Russia to start producing amylopectin starch, and now we have a leading position in production of food modified starch

    Starch & Syrup Plant was launched in Stavropolsky Krai in 2002. Today, modified starches manufactured by ND-Technic are used in food, construction, petrochemical, foundry and other industries in Russia and abroad

  • Qualification and experience are the basis of quality of our products
  • The production process is arranged by highly qualified specialists from the very beginning

    Therefore, it took only several years for our new enterprise to become a leader among Russian manufacturers of modified starches

  • ND-Technic LLC is the largest manufacturer in Russia
  • Initially, the plant produced 5 types of starch products

    Today, product range of ND-Technic includes 23 items

    Production facilities of the enterprise are able to produce 160 tons of finished products per day. That's about 50 railway cars of modified starch per month

    The number of employees is 180. Each employee annually improves skills to the level of the latest process standards of starch products manufacturing

  • Our quality meets international standards
  • We export modified starches to 11 countries

    Products manufactured by ND-Technic LLC meets all international quality standards

    Since 2017, we work based on HACCP principles, a recognized global concept for food safety management

    Since 2017, the company annually increases sales of modified starches by more than one hundred percent per year

  • Russian starches are winning the market
  • ND-Technic has been cooperating with European research institutes for many years, and closely monitoring process industry innovations and upgrading equipment. Since 2019, we have implemented the principles of lean production at the enterprise, which helps us to optimize working processes and increase productivity

    This allowed replacing imported products with Russian starches

    ND-Technic LLC was recognized as a company manufacturing The Best Product of 2019 at PRODEXPO-2019. This is the main award in ACHIEVEMENTS IN IMPORT SUBSTITUTION nomination

  • Individual support for customers
  • ND-Technic provides professional assistance on the introduction of starch products at an enterprise

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